1 Bachelor degree or above in electronic engineering, machinery manufacturing and technology, automation and related profession;

2 Engineerhave certain working experience or excellent graduate;

3) Master the skill of AutoCAD, Office and related computer software;

4) Fluent English (written & oral) and proactive communication skills, level four or above;

5) Strong documentation skills, ability to analyze and solve problems independently;

6) Help team members to solve problems, teaching skills to other members without reservation;

7) Creative thinking;

8) Teamwork spirit.


1  According to the arrangementof Department, execute product development,make development scheme;

(2  Implement the scheme, product identification, production transformation, and make technical regulations;

(3  Pay close attention to the dynamic of development profession, accumulate the R&D experience;

(4  Sum up the product developmentexperience, continue to improve the product performance;

(5  Offer technical support for the bid;

(6  Offer technical support for products distributors and partners;

(7  Improve the design and modification based on requirements from customers and other departments in company;

(8  Withadvanced technologyof domestic and foreign country to improve product quality, reduce costs, prevent and reduce the pollution to the environment.