1Bachelor or above in engineering and science;

2Train in project management and quality management;

3More than 1 year quality management experience;

4Master quality management knowledge, familiar with the ISO9001 quality certification system and CMM quality management standard;

5Mastercertain knowledge of Statistics;

6Fluent English (written & oral) and proactive communication skills;

7Teamwork spirit.


1Responsible for management and maintenanceof monitoring and measuring devices;

2Preside over the data analysis management (including the practical reliabilityof data collection and authenticity of data analysis);

3Collect and collate the reasonable suggestions, organize the implementation of specific work after getting approval of department manager;

4Responsible for analyzing, processing and solving customer quality issue, meet the requirements of internal&external customers, improve the satisfaction of the product quality continuously;

5Draft new product quality management scheme, supervise the implementationin order toachieve thequalitylevel of new product’s intended target;

6Provide product information and technical supporttimely, meet the informationrequirement of manufacturing and service department;

7Grasp the requirements of customers through customer experience, transfer customer requirement and product quality information effectivelyin the company;

8Participate in quality audit, responsible for the documentation;